Evaluation & Online Bid Response

Make complex, multi-attribute decisions in a structured and consistent manner with illion TenderLink.

Smarter for decision makers, our evaluation toolset allows for consistent submissions – in your specified format. You’ll be able to pre-qualify suppliers and decide and weight key criteria in advance.

You control the response type for each question and you can separate price and non-price attributes if required.

Allows for individual and aggregated scoring and you have the ability to add notations to scores. Build a library of templates so it’s quicker and easier to go to market when you need to.

Faster for respondents, our evaluation toolset has a simple step-by-step online response process; it gives suppliers greater clarity about what buyers are looking for.

Suppliers will find it easier to respond, with no submission format decisions to make, upload capability for supporting documents and the ability to save partially-completed submissions. They’ll also benefit from reduced bid submission production costs and no lost-in-transit posted submissions.

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In my opinion, TenderLink is the premier e-Procurement tendering solution.

With the TenderLink web-based system, people publish their tenders online and all bid responses download in a uniform format. This is real efficiency. There’s no double or triple handling.

Brian O'Mara General Manager, Local Government Procurement

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To establish your e-Procurement site there is a one-off fee. This covers the technical elements and design required to create and match your e-Procurement website to your brand, importing of your current supplier details, and 4 hours focused user training for your staff. It also covers your licence to use our software. This implementation fee may vary based on your requirements.

Ongoing Charges
Choose your payment plan from the following two options:

1) Pay-as-you-Go pricing (PAYG): Depending on your anticipated usage, we can provide you with a simple PAYG pricing plan to publish notices and collect supplier responses in an electronic tender box through your e-Procurement site.


2) An agreed fee: You may find it preferable to pay a consistent monthly fee based on capped or unlimited publishing volumes through your site. Depending on usage, this may be more economical and simplifies your financial forecasting.

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Here’s how illion TenderLink’s Evaluation Toolset works…

Procurement Team

Construct supplier response form and publish tender


Complete response form for tender and submit online


Shortlist supplier responses, score and award tender

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