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Pitney Bowes
Darren Higgins Strategic Business Development

Excellent. Good examples of real-life situations, backed by intel and experience. Great tools within the curriculum. It helped demystify best practices and guide us towards greater success.

BidPro Masterclass
Diabetes NSW & ACT
Rosie Driver Service Delivery Manager

Knowledgeable trainer, great exercises that helped embed learning. Very pleased with the investment. Looking forward to implementing what I have learned. Hope to come back for the Masterclass soon!

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Pitney Bowes
Darren Higgins Strategic Business Development

Terrific. Easy to digest without sacrificing the details. If we can win one more tender, the workshop has delivered… and I am confident we can win several.

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Holding Redlich
Tracy Campbell Bid and Tender Coordinator

The course skyrocketed my confidence and I’m excited to put what I’ve learned into action.

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3 Monkeys AV
Sarah Barker Owner

Seminar was extremely useful in confirming some of our processes and how we can improve in specific areas e.g. customer focus and persuasive writing. I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to work/discuss in groups to get different/new perspectives.

BidPro Essentials
Kylee MacPherson Snr Contracts Admin Manager

The group sessions showed insights into different thinking from other people. I feel more confident in my ability to write bid proposals and create new documents.

BidPro Masterclass
Kimberlin Education
Sarah Matthews Client Services Manager

Nigel’s knowledge and experience are clear, but it is his ability to engage and manage the room which makes this course stand out.

BidPro Masterclass
Kern Ferry
Maja Milacre Bid Coordinator

I found the ISBP framework and budgeting sections very useful. I loved the interactivity, and the activities were very interesting.

BidPro Masterclass
PHL Surveyors
Gary Polkinghorne Director

We have since submitted three tenders using the format we learnt at your seminar and won all three jobs. All your suggestions have been gratefully received and implemented.

BidPro Essentials
Kirsty Walker Office Manager

The course leadership drove engagement and made the day fly by. I definitely learnt several new things that I will be putting into practice. The course content has made me sit up and think about how we approach our submission writing. I’ll head back to the office with some new ideas about how we can tighten up our approach to bid writing and hopefully better position ourselves against our competition

BidPro Masterclass
Total Creations
Mark McLean Owner

A very inviting place to ask ‘dumb’ questions.

BidPro Masterclass
Housing Trust
Marilyn Irwiri

I really enjoyed that specific queries were addressed, and that several ideas were provided as solutions for them. I thought the overall course was excellent and will be using many of the ideas for my next bid.

BidPro Masterclass
Next Level Landcapes
Mark Burgin Owner/ Director

What I enjoyed about today’s workshop was the customer focus. We tend to forget that, when writing Responses. Overall, I found the workshop very good and I know it will benefit me in the long term.

BidPro Essentials
Atlantic Group Melbourne
Eden Kaucic Marketing Manager

It assisted in confirming we were on the right track and how our tenders and level of detail differ from others in other industries. Dealing with SEM’s and gaining content in a timely and worthy manner going forward should be a much more positive process thanks to this course.

BidPro Essentials
Daimler Trucks Laverton
Adrian Bono Sales Rep

The seminar was very engaging and knowledgable, it has motivated me to apply for more tenders and I know I have the ability to win them!

BidPro Masterclass
Stallion Homes
Nick Broadhurst

The seminar was much better than I expected. It was worth twenty times what you charged. It answered so many questions, and it gives us a direction we can now move towards if we want to win those tenders. The data was a lifeline of fresh air. Thanks again.

BidPro Essentials
Scott Corporation Ltd
Lee Vassallo Business Development Manager

I attended another tendering seminar last month, which was an all day event and wasn’t nearly as comprehensive as this.

BidPro Essentials
Rachel Brocket

The tender seminar was fantastic! So many helpful tips and also good confirmation on things we have done right 🙂 It’s good to know, as there’s not really any other way to get feedback on what we’ve submitted previously. Phillip was very easy to listen to – he has a great presentation style. I’d highly recommend this seminar except for the downside that the more people who do it – our competition increases lol.

BidPro Essentials
DHL Express Canberra
Kate Tanzer-Billerwell Major Account Executive

I felt that it covered the subject thoroughly & didn’t feel lost or bored at any point. Thanks again and I will definitely be using the information in my next bid.

BidPro Essentials
Slade Group
Chris Toussaint Marketing Coordinator

The seminar was very good, thank you. I found the content pitched about the right level for me: I have over five years’ experience writing tenders, but found it valuable to receive insights from another professional writer, as well as to learn what approach evaluators take with tender submissions. Philip was an engaging speaker and covered a lot of material in the time available.

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DuncanCotterill Lawyers
Nikki Langford Business Development Manager

Extremely well delivered and touched on many valuable aspects from an evaluator’s perspective, including good insight on risk.

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