Looking to reduce the time, cost & risks associated with manual procurement?

Check out why 600+ public & private sector organisations around Australia and New Zealand use illion TenderLink’s specialised procurement solution…

RFQs, RFTs, RFPs, EOIs and Panels
Your illion TenderLink e-Procurement website can be used for any public or select/private procurement activities, including RFQs, RFTs, RFPs, EOIs and panel building.

Increased Transparency 
Audit capability and system reports mean reduced risk. You’ll have complete oversight of what’s happening at each stage of the process.

Bulletproof Security and Embedded Probity
Our system is subjected to regular third-party penetration and security testing and audited to check compliance with a range of public sector procurement guidelines and procurement best practice. Check out our latest audit results

Your Suppliers or Ours 
Reach your existing supplier audience or widen your net. Our expansive supplier base throughout Australia and New Zealand is ready and waiting.

Cut Costs
Your advertising, printing, distribution and administration costs will be greatly reduced. Find out how much you could save with our cost comparison calculator

Save Time 
Your e-Procurement website automates routine tasks, meaning you’ll spend less time administering the procurement process.

No Large, Upfront Costs
Our small, one-off implementation fee looks great compared to ongoing software licences or on-premise software installation projects.

Improved Supplier Equity
All suppliers receive the same information. No more grumblings about unfair treatment.

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All the steps in the tender process have become much easier to navigate

The time it takes to inform tenderers, to distribute questions and answers, to inform all parties regarding addenda, send out tender documents… basically all the steps in the tender process have become much easier to navigate. It’s a central, digital space where all parties have access to the same data and receive clarity about the current tender in progress. It also allows us to set supplier expectations in a consistent and uniform manner.

Floyd de Kruijff Manager Projects Department, Cairns Airport

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To establish your e-Procurement site there is a one-off fee. This covers the technical elements and design required to create and match your e-Procurement website to your brand, importing of your current supplier details, and 4 hours focused user training for your staff. It also covers your licence to use our software. This implementation fee may vary based on your requirements.

Ongoing Charges
Choose your payment plan from the following two options:

1) Pay-as-you-Go pricing (PAYG): Depending on your anticipated usage, we can provide you with a simple PAYG pricing plan to publish notices and collect supplier responses in an electronic tender box through your e-Procurement site.


2) An agreed fee: You may find it preferable to pay a consistent monthly fee based on capped or unlimited publishing volumes through your site. Depending on usage, this may be more economical and simplifies your financial forecasting.

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Here’s How illion TenderLink’s e-Procurement Portals Work…

Procurement Team

Release opportunity to your chosen suppliers only, or to illion TenderLink’s wider supplier base


Suppliers download your documentation and you communicate in online forums
Suppliers submit responses to your e-Tender box OR Suppliers submit responses in hardcopy


You evaluate responses manually, or use our evaluation toolset.
Then post award notice via your portal

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