When it comes to reducing procurement risks, our specialised online solutions tick all the right boxes. But how well do you really know the supply partners your organisation relies on? The failure of any supplier has the potential to lead to project delays, loss in revenue and reputational damage. With the right tools and tactics, the risk of those negative outcomes can be greatly reduced.

At illion TenderLink, we understand the challenges buyers face with identifying and mitigating risk. As part of illion – the leading independent provider of trusted data and analytics in Australasia – we’re able to offer a range of add-on risk management solutions that can help you identify and prevent supply chain issues and make more informed decisions about who you partner with.

Business Verification

Before engaging in any new contracts, ensure your suppliers are legitimately who they say they are. Use illion’s up-to-date data to verify your suppliers’ business status, trading details, ownership and affiliations; as well as information on their shareholders, directors and officers.

Risk Assessments

Utilise illion’s Risk Reports to ensure you choose a supplier with stability. Detect and evaluate any risk of failure early on. For a more comprehensive analysis, Financial Viability Reports will identify if a supplier has the financial resource to perform and honour a contract, before you award it.

Monitoring Solutions

Using illion’s Commercial Monitoring, you’ll stay continuously informed on supplier risk with alerts and early warnings of positive and negative changes as they happen. At an aggregated level, Portfolio Insight can help to see the collective financial health of your entire supplier base by washing it against our global database.

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