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How to Register as a Supplier

How to Download Documents & Participate in a Forum

How to Submit an Electronic Bid



Additional information about a Request/Tender, provided to all registered potential respondents after the initial advertising date.

Award Notice

An email notice advising of the successful bidder. Sent at the Purchaser’s discretion via illion TenderLink’s system.


The actual quote, tender, response document submitted by a Supplier interested in supplying goods and/or services.


A Supplier making a formal response to offer goods and/or services.


Also referred to as Purchasers or Procurers. Individuals who undertake transactional procurement and exercise purchasing responsibility for goods and services.


A legally binding agreement entered into between a Purchaser and Supplier.

Contract Variation

An addition or alteration to the terms of a contract that is mutually agreed by both parties to the contract


Respondent whose offer has been accepted by the Purhcaser.


Your “homepage” when you log into the illion TenderLink system. This provides options and links to the system features available to you.


A post-tender feedback process conducted by the Purchaser to unsuccessful bidders/respondents.

Direct Purchase

The procurement of goods and/or services by placing an order with the supplier of choice, without seeking other bids.

Due Diligence

The detailed process of reviewing and analysing the capacity of a bidding organisation to meet future contract performance requirements.


Secure electronic systems specifically designed to allow Purchasers to conduct their procurement activities via the internet.

Electronic means

Any method of communication or provision of information using electronic technology.

Electronic Tender Box (ETB)

A fully secure online version of a physical tender response box.

Evaluation Criteria

Standards of judgement, and ranking of importance, used to assess offers and compare alternatives put forward by respondents to a Request.

Evaluation Toolset

illion TenderLink’s multi-purpose evaluation toolset used in any situation where Purchasers require structured and complete bid responses based on pre-set criteria. Available on a per-tender basis.

Expression of Interest (EOI)

Identifies potential suppliers interested in, and capable of, delivering the required goods or services. Potential suppliers are asked to provide information on their capability to do the work. It is usually the first stage of a multi-stage tender process.


An online medium for open discussion and questions related to a specific tender within the illion TenderLink system. A one-to-many feature whereby Purchasers can provide a single response which is distributed to all interested parties.


Articles of trade; wares; merchandise; services to be supplied under a contract.


A legal principle holding that the individual being recompensed under an insurance policy should be restored to the approximate financial position he or she was in prior to the loss.

Intellectual Property

A generic term for non-physical property rights such as patents, trademarks, design, confidential information, copyrights, and know how.

Late tender

A tender received after the specified closing date.


Local Government Online Limited. A company servicing the New Zealand Local Government sector. They distribute participating local government tenders via their centralised e-tendering portal www.lgtenders.co.nz – powered by illion TenderLink.com.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

A document which is used to record the intentions of parties in a less formal way than a conventional contract document, and is not legally binding unless it specifically states that it is intended to be enforceable in the courts.


An email notice of tenders that match one or more of a subscriber’s search filters (profiles) within the illion TenderLink system.


Also referred to as a bid or response. The Supplier’s offer to supply the requested goods and/or services.

Open/Public Tender

The process of a Purchaser publicly inviting offers to supply required goods or services.

Panel Contracts

Contractual arrangements with more than one supplier to supply future goods and/or services within a specified value range or specialism. Often a standing offer for a specified period with agreed rates but without guaranteed volumes.


A website provided by illion TenderLink to a Purchaser (third party) for the management of online procurement.


The price element of an offer or bid made in response to a Purchaser’s request for goods and/or services.

Private/Select Tender

Tenders advertised to selected suppliers by invitation only. Not advertised on a public basis.


The entire process for obtaining all classes of resources (human, material, facilities and services). It can include planning, design, standards determination, specification writing, preparation of quotation and tender documentation, selection of suppliers, financing, contract administration, disposals, and other related functions.

Procurement Plan

A project management tool that provides a framework for procurement. The procurement plan outlines the key issues that both determine and impact on the procurement strategy and method adopted.

Procurement Process

The step-by-step process for the planning, establishment and contract management of small and large acquisitions.


A collection of geographical and industry categories and/or subcategories filters selected by a illion TenderLink notification subscriber which determine the types of tenders distributed by the illion TenderLink notification service.

Public Authority

A department of the Public Service of the State and an agency, authority or instrumentality of the Crown in right of the State.

Public Tender

Tender advertised to the public market.


Also referred to as procurers. Any organisation that releases or advertises a request to purchase goods and/or services.


Refers to a document in the form of an offer to supply goods and/or services; usually in response to a Request for Quotation.

Registration of Interest (ROI)

This is similar to an Expression of Interest (EOI) in that it is used to identify suppliers interested in, and capable of, delivering the required goods or services. Potential suppliers are asked to provide information on their capability to do the work. It is usually the first stage of a multi-stage tender process.


The documentation utilised for Requests for Tenders, Requests for Proposals or Expressions of Interest.

Request for Information (RFI)

A written or electronic request for information to gain a more detailed understanding of the supplier market and the range of solutions and technologies that may be available. It may be used to develop documentation for a future tender.

Request for Quotation (RFQ)

A written or electronic process of inviting offers to supply goods and/or services involving simple documentation. This is usually, but not always, distributed to a limited number of potential suppliers.

Request for Tender (RFT)

A written or electronic process of inviting offers to supply goods and/or services. An RFT can follow an RFI or EOI process and will usually include documentation detailing the specific requirements of the Purchaser. This may be distributed on a public/open basis, or by way of a private invitation to a selected/private group of potential suppliers.


The requirements specified by Purchasers. These are used to evaluate bid responses.


Someone who has submitted a bid response or offer in response to a Request.

RFX Number

This is the illion TenderLink system generated reference number for a tender.

SaaS: Software-as-a-Service

A business application delivered via the internet.


The whole of the services, tasks, work and requisites to be supplied, rendered, provided or performed by a contractor under a contract and any variations provided for by the contract, and includes all and any goods, materials, plant, machinery or equipment supplied, provided or used by the contractor in performance of the contract.


Sets out details of the performance required under a contract.


The person or organisation seeking to supply goods and/or services in response to a Purchaser request.


A document in the form of an offer to supply goods and/or services, usually submitted by a supplier in response to a public or selective invitation such as a Request for Tender (RFT).

Tender Box (Physical)

A secure location within which tenders, offers, quotations or bids are placed.


A party submitting a tender in response to an RFT.

Tendering for Success

The umbrella term for illion TenderLink’s training and education programmes.

Total contract value

The estimated total value of the contract for the entire life of the contract, including extensions.

Validity period

The period of time for which a bid will remain open for consideration and acceptance by the Purchaser.

Verbal Quotation

A verbal process of inviting offers to supply goods and/or services involving a limited number of potential suppliers.

Written quotation

A written or electronic process of inviting bids to supply goods and/or services involving simple documentation and a limited number of potential suppliers.

ZIP File

The ZIP file format is a data compression format. A ZIP file allows you to combine one or more files into a single file and then compress this file in order to reduce its size to improve internet upload/transfer speeds.

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