Public sector increasingly embracing e-procurement

Procurement was one of the last business areas to benefit from the application of technology. But e-procurement – the electronic purchase of goods and services, usually through an Internet-based platform – is rapidly becoming the status quo, especially within the public sector in Australia. Continue reading here

Date: March 2019
Source: LG Focus

Sustainability lessons from the ICAC report

The recent Corruption and Integrity in the NSW Public Sector report prepared by the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) will likely attract lots of attention among local government procurement professionals. While much of the report deals with abuses of government processes, it also contains many valuable lessons about probity... Continue reading here

Date: January 2019
Source: LG Focus

Do You Really Understand Your Suppliers?

For many years, the focus for procurement has been squarely on efficiency, but organisational survival and sustainability also depend on ensuring that you can cope when things don’t go according to plan... Continue reading here

Date: December 2018
Source: LG Focus

Sell Your Expertise and Surplus Capacity

For some time now, budgetary pressures and efficiency drives have seen local governments sharpen their processes and improve their competitiveness. Most have shed their uneconomic activities by outsourcing them to more productive suppliers. This has resulted in lean operations which don’t do everything inhouse... Continue reading here

Date: September 2018
Source: LG Focus