BidWrite is a specialist tender and proposal management consultancy that helps its clients win more business and buy better through:
- ‘live’ tender strategy and content preparation,
- process and systems improvement,
- training/coaching services, and
- in-company resourcing support.

Mulga Partners

Make Mulga Partners part of your bid team for your next submission. We work with clients to develop a roadmap for their tender responses. By analysing the tender request carefully, conducting a risk analysis and identifying the purchaser's hot buttons, we’ll help you build up a compelling picture of your organisation to reflect what the purchaser is looking for. For more details contact Philip Dennett on 0477 033 77.

Word Sense

Need some guidance through the tendering process? Want help to write, edit or review your tender submissions and proposals? That's where we come in. Our specialist work is all about helping you win contracts. We’ve worked with New Zealand businesses of all shapes and sizes for more than 15 years. Contact us today and let’s make your tender stand out. Phone Deb on +64 21 529 991.

The Tendering Survival Guide:

We’ve put together this Tendering Survival Guide to help you navigate the world of tendering and give you
a clear strategy to make sure your bid reponses are out-performing the competition.

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Frustrated by spending valuable time on bid responses that go nowhere? Or simply don’t know where to start? Discover what purchasers really want and the secrets to constructing a winning bid through our bid response workshops.