Streamline Your eProcurement Processes

Reduce the time, cost, and risk associated with your eProcurement processes by combining illion TenderLink’s tender management portal with Folio’s comprehensive contract management software to create your own customised eProcurement solution!

A Combined Solution

What is Folio?

Folio is the new standard in contract management software. It provides you with one central, secure repository for all your contracts and related information, giving you full visibility at a glance so that you can stay on top of everything.

Folio’s handy tools and features, like templates and customisable workflows, help make all your contract management processes quicker and easier.

Move away from complicated excel spreadsheets or confusing email chains, and start keeping track of your contracts with Folio.

How does it work?

Folio covers all the key processes involved in contract management, meeting your requirements no matter your industry, organisation size, or budget. You’ll get access to all the features Folio has to offer, and set up could take as little as 5 days, with ongoing support from the friendly Folio team if you need it.

The system is highly customisable and user-friendly, enabling you to make changes quickly and easily. Tailor functionality specifically to your needs without expensive and time-consuming development or training.

Key Features

Design Workflows

Design Workflows

From approval processes to contract variations and amendments, tailor your workflows to improve efficiencies across all areas.

Create Templates

Build Templates

Save valuable time and eliminate errors in your documentation with contract, workflow, and reporting templates, or create your own.

Manage Credentials

Manage Credentials

Reduce risk by collecting and monitoring crucial supplier credentials like licenses, insurances, and industry accreditations.

Create Reminders

Create Actions and Reminders

Never miss a deadline! Whether it’s assigning an Action to a supplier, or setting up a To-Do list for a colleague, you decide what reminders and notifications get sent.

Store Emails & Docs

Store Emails and Documents

No more scrolling through your inbox – forward emails and attachments straight into Folio and store them alongside the relevant contracts so they’re easily accessible.

Build Dashboards

Customise Dashboards and Reports

Track progress, monitor key performance indicators, and flag issues early by creating your own custom dashboards and reporting, then share and subscribe for updates.

Why do TenderLink customers use Folio?

Used together, both our tender management portal and Folio’s contract management software will help you streamline your eProcurement processes, from sourcing suppliers and publishing tenders right through to finalising contracts and monitoring delivery milestones.

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