Fed up with vaguely answered, unstructured bid responses?

Feeling uneasy about your manual and inconsistent evaluation methods?

Worried that your evaluation processes leave haphazard audit trails and have little transparency?

For every procurement notice that goes to market, there is a subsequent evaluation of the responses received.

Often, this evaluation process is conducted through round table discussions or by using standard business tools not necessarily designed for this purpose.

But surely there is a better way?

Yes, there is!

illion TenderLink’s multi-purpose evaluation toolset is the ideal solution for tender or quote evaluations, panel building or supplier pre-registration processes.

In fact, you’ll find it useful for any procurement situation where you are clear about your requirements and want to control the format of submissions so that you can compare and evaluate responses on a consistent and auditable basis.

Our optional toolset is available on a per notice basis in illion TenderLink’s e-Procurement Portals and will ensure that your evaluation processes have the highest standards of consistency, rigour and transparency.

So let us help you remove risk from your evaluation processes and in doing so, make smarter decisions.


Check out some of the significant benefits in using the illion TenderLink evaluation toolset:

Greater probity standards! You can evaluate responses against key criteria decided on and weighted before the documentation is released, enabling you to more fairly assess and grade.

Transparent decisions! Decision team / evaluators can add comments to scores. These can be hidden during the process to avoid influencing other evaluators but are a permanent record for any future audits.

Significantly easier, faster evaluation! Because you’ll have determined the weightings prior to release of the tender documents, evaluation will be simpler and more streamlined. Requiring online form responses achieves greater consistency between responses, allowing evaluators to compare ‘apples with apples’ and make fairer assessments.

You’ll be in control when you provide a pre-set, online form! You can set the electronic response document so that some questions can only be answered with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’, or by using a scale – or you may want to allow limited or unlimited text. And you can ensure that pricing is separated from non-price response attributes.

Suppliers will love you! If you opt for online form responses, you’ll eliminate Respondents worries about submissions getting lost in transit. Plus your requirements will be crystal clear, leaving no need for second guessing on the part of suppliers.

Ultimate flexibility! You can choose to accept hard copy or online responses.

Checks and Balances! Our two-stage evaluation process allows for individual, then aggregated team scoring.