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Jul 9, 2020

Is Tendering Right for My Business?

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Tendering Survival Guide – Tip #4

Is tendering just a game of survival-of-the-cheapest?

Thankfully not.

Your pricing strategy needs to be in the right ball park, but it’s important to remember that competitive pricing doesn’t just mean cheapest. Your price should match your value proposition, ultimately instilling in the client a sense that they’re making an excellent investment when hiring you.

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Tendering Survival Guide – Tip #3

Battling for tenders can be a survival-of-the-fittest situation … well, the fittest and the most persuasive. This month we’re exploring how to write persuasive bids. Now, when we say persuasion, we don’t mean hyped-up salesy documents full of jargon and self-flattery – we mean creating a compelling narrative.

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Award Notices – More Than Just Words

Award notices are the formal notices issued after tenders are awarded, advising bidders who won the contract. We’ve seen an increasing demand for award information. At its core, interest in award notices lies in the benefits gained from information sharing.

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Tendering Survival Guide – Tip #2

Winning tenders isn’t easy. But it’s a skill we can all learn. Last month we covered the importance of positioning as a basis for developing a more efficient bid/no-bid strategy. The next step is to make sure you’re dotting your ‘I’s and crossing your ‘T’s. Compliance won’t win you any tenders, but without it you’ll definitely be knocked out of the game early on.

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