Purchasing is a bit like dating. Once you’ve found someone you like, you stop searching for new partners (well, that’s the theory). Similarly, select or private tendering involves companies seeking goods and services from a select group, rather than going to market.

And it’s on the rise. Our TenderLink e-Procurement websites now release as many select opportunities as they do public. And all these select opportunities are happening behind the scenes, hidden from you.

Why the growth of select tendering?

It allows purchasers to source with confidence, purchasing from partners they trust. Given the time and effort committed to building relationships, once they’re established, they’re often tightly held because;

  • It reduces the administration associated with procurement, which delivers savings – both in time and money.
  • It reduces risk. Rather than taking a chance on a new supplier, purchasers can vet a handful in advance, then build the trusted supplier relationship from there.
  • Concentrating spend among fewer suppliers allows the purchaser to secure better pricing and consistent quality.

With solid reasons like this, it’s likely the practice of select tendering isn’t going away any time soon.

So, how can you get into the game of the select?

You’re not going to get asked out on a date if no one sees you. And, by the same token, companies aren’t going select you if they don’t know about you.

In this respect, traditional business advertising only goes so far. The trouble is that buyers still have to work too hard to find you. Instead, you need to take active steps to grow your network and reach, to get on the radar of companies you wish to work with.    

We suggest you take your first step, by signing up to a few of our e-Procurement partner websites.

To wrap it up

For you, it’s a tough circle to break into. But once you have proven yourself, select tenders allow you to compete from a position of trust and strength – and against fewer competitors.

You can be seen now. Take your first step. Jump onto our site and start searching for buyers to connect with.